Capital City: Quito
Population of Ecuador: 13 million +
Official Language: Spanish and Kichwa
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Attending our program you can experience a wide range of cultures, urban and rural communities, and a wide variety of natural environments. The extraordinary ecological diversity of Ecuador are known worldwide. Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in Latin America, however, is one of the seventeen countries with mega-biodiversity found in the world (between 20,000 and 25,000 species of plants, 2,500 species of vertebrates living in the country and ten percent of the world's bird species are found here).

There are four major ecological regions and many different ecological niches, thesis: the coastal region, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the Galapagos Islands. In less than 7 hours could change "stations", the wonderful, tropical and sunny beaches on the Pacific Ocean, the cold snow capped peaks of the Andes Mountains, and the lush rainforest of the Amazon.

Cultural diversity in Ecuador is truly exceptional. You could learn directly about many ethnic groups with unique traditions and cultures. Their worldviews offer important alternatives for a sustainable relationship of humans with nature, and a strong sense of social solidarity, reciprocity and caring communities.

The Galapagos Islands is about 600 miles west of the mainland. It is an isolated and protected volcanic conglomerate, which includes thirteen major islands, six smaller islands and over forty islets. The flora and fauna have evolved in isolation, making the islands a fascinating place to visit Galapagos.

It was a visit to the Galapagos carrying Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution. It is one of the most pristine environments in the world: the giant tortoises, pelicans, seals, penguins, iguanas, dolphins, whales and many other species living together.

Cotacachi is a small city with a lot of qualities. It is well known for its leather handicrafts, indigenous culture of music and dance along with their traditions, festivals and rituals. You can also enjoy the excellent regional cuisine and experience the diversity of the climate when you travel from Cotacachi volcano at 4939 m above sea level, the heat Intag subtropical cloud forest at 1200m.

Cotacachi has been widely privileged with a wide variety if authentic culture, especially in rural communities where indigenous music and dance has kept its magic and ritual spirit. Indigenous communities are also known to ancient crafts manufacturing sizzling manuals containing different colored creations created from various materials and using a technique that has been passed from generation to generation.

Cotacachi Indigenous Communities invites you all. The aim of our communities is to improve the living conditions of its members to develop projects and programs for the cultural renaissance. Our communities expected to contribute to building a more understanding society, reducing poverty, empowering people for self-management, expanding the democraticy and maintain our ancestral wisdom and social organization.

For the development of effective and sustainable rural community tourism, it is necessary to interact directly with indigenous communities. We want the tourists to experience a unique lifestyle and a broad vision of the world. This meeting will allow visitors to experience direct contact with everyday nature, to share with the local people and have the opportunity to learn from them. We offer accommodation in our hostels located within rural communities. Here tourists can share the indigenous culture, enjoy a new environment, experience a different lifestyle, and enjoy the closeness of nature and traditional country inns living.The found in indigenous communities, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the country, the hospitality of the host family and the cultural authenticity of the region.

Rural Accommodation 
In order to benefit local communities and to support sustainable development of the area, we have rural shelters in rural villages. The accommodations consist of a bedroom with a fireplace, bathroom, hot shower, and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. All units are clean, safe and private, yet still provide the friendly atmosphere of the host family. With these families, you can participate in agricultural activities, animal husbandry, different types of weaving and many more of their daily activities. . The furnishings are simple and comfortable, with twin beds and / or doubles. Enjoy traditional ancestral foods made from freshly harvested crops adjacent fields.

Your stay at the cottage offers a unique opportunity to share in everyday life including visits to home gardens to enjoy and learn from their hosts on plants and crops that are preserved, and their culinary or medicinal uses.

We also offer different types of tours, including hiking, visits to indigenous peoples, horseback riding, downhill bike to the subtropical jungle, Cotacachi and Imbabura mountain, among many others, all guided by bilingual native guides.

We have a wide range of tours and excursions that offer a mix of cultural, natural and adventure experiences. Tours last from one to four days; We are also able to arrange a tour package for all of Ecuador in order to meet their needs and interests.

Private Transportation Service 
Safe - Clean - Reliable - Weather - Courteous - Convenient
Our indigenous transport company "Caleramanta" working with individuals and groups of all sizes, and strive to offer our customers a worry-free experience and enjoyable from start to finish.
Pick up from and to the airport and more.

Tour to Indigenous Communities and Cuicocha Lake
 On this tour of four indigenous communities, you will have the opportunity to observe and learn about different part of Kichwa indigenous handicrafts, textiles, instruments of the Andes and more. Also see how mats and other textile products are made. We can see the wool process, starting from the carding, sppining and the weaving in the looms producing a beautiful textiles designs. You can learn and participate in the weaving; its up to you! In addition, we stop in  Cotacachi City, which is well known for its special leather shops, and continue to the Cuicocha Lake, located in the Ecological  Reserve Cotacachi Cayapas.
This tour is combined betwen nature and culture.

Trekking around Cuicocha Lake 

Cuicicha is located in the ecological reserve Cotacachi-Cayapas around an altitude of 3.064m. Cayapas Cotacachi is a "must" for any lover of nature, with more than 20,000 species of plants, including species of wild orchids, and a multitude of birds including the Andean condor. His walk around Cuicocha will give an idea of ​​the rich biodiversity of the reserve as well as a spectacular view if the sparkling clear water and the two islands formed in an old volcano crater with a depth of 200 m.

  Mountain Trekking and Fuya Fuya Mojanda 
This day trip (4 hour hike) will visit Caricocha lake. This lake is located about 3,700 meters above sea level and is hidden by hills with mountain pastures Fuya Fuya-providing a great backdrop.
After this you ascend Fuya Fuya (4,265 m), which is usually 2 hours up and has a great view of two of the three sparkling lakes Mojanda (Caricocha and Yanacocha). If it's a clear day, you can also see the snow-capped Cotopaxi, Cayambe and Antisana, Cotacachi craters and Imbabura, and you will be able to detect Quito and Otavalo. The rise of Fuya Fuya is a perfect preparation for the Andean peaks like Cotopaxi.
Duration: 5 hours.
Equipment: Hiking boots, sweater, rain jacket, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
Services included: Transport and guide.

Horse riding tour of indigenous communities 
We leave Otavalo or Cotacachi and drive to a rural community where we have horses. From there, we will begin our horseback ride through native forest and indigenous communities, where we can observe the daily life of people. From there, visit the Cuicocha Lake and enjoy a meal of traditional food. There will also be time at the lake to participate in a boat trip around the islands. From Cuicocha, let's return to the rural community and then driving back to Otavalo or the place where you are staying.
Duration: Half day (4 hours).
Equipment: sweater, rain jacket, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
Services included: Transport and guide.

Duration:.  Services included: Transportation, guide, lunch.

Intag Subtropical Cloud Forest (By car or bicycle)

This bike ride is 60km mostly downhill from about 3,500 meters near the Cuicocha (Andes) to 1,500 meters in the subtropical cloud forest Intag. After this cycling adventure trip, there will be the opportunity to bathe in the thermal pools at Nangulví. A dip in the hot dust and exhaustion washed and feel 'new'.
After a relaxing bath and lunch we will take you back to Otavalo or the place where you are staying away. Duration: 8 hours.
Equipment: sweater, rain jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, towel and a set of clothes. for your return trip Services Includes: Transportation, guide, lunch, bike.

Climbing the volcano Cotacachi 
For the adventurous tourist in love with Andean climbing, this  day trip (8 hours of hiking) offers the opportunity to climb almost to the top of the volcano at 4850 meters. The journey takes him through the highlands, from volcanic rocks of the flora and fauna of the highland moors and magnificent views of the Avenue of the Volcanoes, including Chimborazo (6,310 m) as a highlight and the province of Imbabura.
Travel day:
Itinerary: Departure from Otavalo or wherever you are staying at 04h30 drive to Cuicocha. You will start walking at 3,400 meters and rises to 4,850 m (near the top that is 4.937 meters).
Team: heavy boots, sweater, rain jacket, gloves, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
Services included: Transport, guide.
Two Days Tour: Day 01. Departure at 09h00 from Otavalo or cotacachi to the lake at 3,400 m Cuicocha where we will hike up to 4,000 m where we camp DAY 02 In the morning we will have an early breakfast (5:00 am) and we will begin our walk in the beautiful light output sol. Around 9:00 we reached 4850 m. On a clear day, you can see the Avenue of the Volcanoes. After the descent we will have lunch in our camp, hike below to Cuicocha and drive back. Equipment: heavy boots, sleeping bag, backpack, sweater, rain jacket, gloves, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses Services included: Transport equipment, guide, food and camping.

Climbing Up To The Mountain Imbabura

For the adventurous tourist love climbing in the Andes, this harsh day trip (9 hours tour) offers the opportunity to climb to the top of the volcano. After entering the Indigenous community of Hope (3,000 m), cross the upland moor and have a good view Ibarra, capital of Imbabura. Gradually, the environment changes to the rock formations and after a climb of 5-6 hours we will reach the summit of this volcano 4610 meters above the sea. After a good break down and begin in about 3 to 4 hours to get back to Otavaloor Hope and the place of their stay in the car.
Duration: 10 hours.
Equipment: heavy boots, sweater, rain jacket, gloves,. hat, sunscreen, sunglasses.
Services Includes: Transport, guide.

Ugshapungo Camping Site and sweat Lodge.
We offer a Camp site just in front of Mama Cotacachi Volcano and cuicocha lake, from where you can walk around cuicocha lake and enjoy your stay near a local family and learn about our culture, safe and secure

Quito Middle of the World and Teleferico Tour.

In one day we can visit the Middle of the world (Mitad del Mundo) and Teleférico going up of the pichincha mountain.

Mountain Climbing Up to Cayambe
Cayambe all the time with snow, Cotacachi leave very early in the morning by car and arrived at the shelter and star climbing, mountain equipment needed.

Chachimbiro Hot Spring. 
The thermal baths are well known in the region. Bathrooms are frequently visited due to the medicinal effects of water. The baths are open daily from 07h00 to 22h00. Admission is U.S. $ 5.00 for the pools and the U.S. $ 10.00 for the Spa area.

MINDO TOUR In 3 days 2 nights we visit Guayllabamba Zoo, Equater in Quito, then continue to Mindo and do lots of activities like: butterfligh tour, humminbird tour, zipline, horse riding tours, chocolate factory and much much more.

Tour to Banos:

 Tour to Pinan

Tour to Gruta de la paz, Cementery of Tulcan and Ipiales Colombia

Students and Volunteers 

Students and volunteers to do academic research and cultural exchange will be accommodated comfortably in rural family homes located in our communities, sharing Indian daily life and meals with the family, make your unique and unforgettable experience. Volunteers have different options working: Help teaching at schools and kinder gardens, agricultural projects, such as medicinal plants farm or organic gardens, women's organization and more. Volunteering is an opportunity to participate and help direct rural development initiatives.

About Sumak Muyu Women Organization

We are sumak Muyo, a group of women from La Calera in Cotacachi, Ecuador. We work together to make beautiful, sustainable jewelry, sold in Ecuador and Internationally, as a means to Improve the lives of our families and community.
This colorful and unique handmade jewelry is sustainably harvested tropical from seeds from trees in Ecuador. The sumak Muyo ["Great Seed," in our native language, Kichwa] women's group in La Calera works together to make necklaces, bracelets, and other items That are beautiful, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. The beads are made ​​from various nuts Ecuadorian palm, including Tagua, Acai ...More
General information
Sumak Muyo is a women's collective That makes handmade jewelry from Tagua seeds. . Sumak Muyo The women of La Calera live in - a community outside of Cotacachi, a city in the province of Imbabura, Ecuador To see our products, please visit: # To learn more about how sumak Muyo first expanded Internationally, check out this article from the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

Community Tourism Complex Tambo Jatarishun / tambo.jatarishun 
Tambo Jatarishun offers:
A restaurant with our especialty TILAPIA, but with reservations  we can offer everything you want, This restaurant is managed by 16 womens from La Calera village. Also we offer Cabins, fishing, camping site, Play Ground, volleyball and fotball stadium,  motocross race, organic garden, and much, much more

Preparing for your trip 
Try to travel light. Bring a light rain jacket, outerwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes. Are you ready to travel through the Panamerican Highway along these beautiful landscapes? Are you caring enough to hike to the mountain tops?
K.A. Native Travel, cordially invite you to Cotacachi City.

Make your reservations or contact us.
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